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The Festival

For the first time in Baku...

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It will be a unique opportunity to promote the ancient social tradition of beer enjoyment. It will also play a part in developing a greater knowledge of this long-time social drink to consumers.

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It will create an opportunity for visitors to engage in cultural and gastronomical activities. It will also provide a platform to improve business and consumer relationships.

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beer food

Beer food

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35+ beer labels

live music

live music

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baku beer festival ring
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A variety of local and international beer, paired with a beautiful selection of food, music, outdoor games, and educational activities will all give visitors the opportunity to spend a wonderful full day in the name of good taste, fun and friendship.

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The first of its kind in Azerbaijan, a day entirely dedicated to tasting the different varieties of local and foreign beers present in Azerbaijan, to be savored in combination with beer food.

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the location

The beer garden

The Orange Grove is a multifunctional event venue in the heart of Baku where the international and corporate community is blended.

Behind every brand there is an idea, a thought, a story. Orange Grove was born in July 2021, after a long period of suspension of all social and recrea-tional activities. It was a time when people had a great need to come back to life, reconnect and, finally, feel free to go out and enjoy their free time outdoors.

And it is thus, almost by chance, that a group of friends of various nationalities decided to create a place without barriers, where guests could feel at ease, have fun without fear of judgment... an "open space" in the broadest sense.

The basic recipe of Orange Grove was very simple: friendly atmosphere, good music, high-level cocktails and, above all, "lightness"... and it was immediately successful, a green oasis insertedin the inside of prestigious office building in Baku.

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18-19 September 2022
12.00 - 00.00
The Orange Grove Open Air

*date may change with short notice
due to weather


Free Entrance

12.00 - 00.00

Beer and food court operational time

15.00 -18.00

Entertainment activities

Barman competition, games, public talk with beer experts

19.00 - 00.00

After Party with DJ set

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BAKU BEER FESTIVAL  provides a unique opportunity to present the brand of the Sponsors to a large number of visitors.

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