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Beer is one of the oldest man-made beverages, probably dating back to the seventh millennium BC, recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Even among the Etruscans and Romans wholoved wine very much, however, there were famous people who became supporters of beer, such as Agricola, governor of Britain, who once returned to Rome in 83 d. C. brought with him three master brewers from Glevum - now Gloucester - and opened the first "pub" in the Italian peninsula.

But the real architects of the diffusion of beer in Europe were the Germanic and Celtic tribes.

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However, it was during the Industrial Revolution that the production of beer evolved significantly thanks to the new devices that were invented in that period, and above all, to the evolution of knowledge in the scientific field. In fact, beer bases most of its taste on the fermentation of the malt and on the interactions generated by brewer's yeast: a clearer vision of the functioning of these processes allowed the brew masters to create better and better drinks with a taste closer to their desires, and those of their customers.

As a result of industrialization, it happened that many small breweries had to close towards the end of the nineteenth century, leaving the field free to the big giants who exported their product sall over the world.

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A reversal of the trend was recorded only very recently, starting from the 1980s. From this moment on, in fact, people began to want to rediscover different types of beers, giving life to a phenomenon that, in reality, had never existed in the history of beer. With the creation of the first tasting glass, the concept of beer as a meditation
drink has been developed, and microbreweries specialized in niche but of the highest quality products have multiplied.

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